About Combat Ready Training

Christian Vila Brighton KettlebellsChristian Vila BA (Hons) is the owner and operator of Combat Ready Training.

He is an MMA Strength & Conditioning coach based in Brighton, East Sussex, UK.

Christian holds a BA (Hons) in Sport Science and is an IHP (Institute of Human Performance) Certified MMA Strength and Conditioning coach. He has trained under the best Strength & Conditioning coaches in the world, including JC Santana (IHP), Martin Rooney (Training For Warriors) and Mike Mahler (Aggressive Strength). He is also a Certified Kettlebell Trainer under Steve Cotter (IKFF) and owns the successful Brighton Kettlebells business.

Christian is a member of the “Ask the expert” panel in Mens Fitness magazine, and author of the Strength & Conditioning articles in Combat Network Magazine since 2009.

Through Combat Ready Training, Christian has trained a number of Amateur and Professional athletes from rugby players to MMA fighters. ZT Fight Skool in Sussex brought Christian in to develop their Strength & Conditioning programme in 2009, which still goes strong till today. This saw many of their fighters coming in far fitter, stronger and conditioned than their opponents.

Christian has been training UFC Heavyweight contender Oli Thompson (2006 Britain’s Strongest Man) since 2009, through his rise to the top of the UK circuit to his signing to the UFC. Oli Thompson has been credited to be one of the strongest and fittest Heavyweights in the UK circuit.

He has a passion for cross training, using many methods himself including Weight lifting, running, swimming, Kettlebell training and trains Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the BJJ Academy under Black belt Ivam Maciel.