Kenny Moyston vs Lee Taylor

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Drypak Holdalls in stock! Ideal for Christmas presents!



Attention all fighters and gym rats!

Combat Ready Training is now stocking the ideal bag to contain all your gear!

Waterproof and stylish. Take it to the club or abroad.

This holdall has a telescopic handle and wheels for heavier use.

A zippable top and fold down clippable lip to secure your gear in place.

An invaluable deceptively large all round hardy holdall which is ideal for cabin luggage in flights.

80cm (Length) x 35.6cm (Width) x 68.6cm (Height).

PRICE: £65.


Smaller version also available:


Regular: Black

Regular: White


Quick Overview

A modern design holdall with practical functionality. Deceptive in size, its zippable top folds and clips down to keep your gear packed tight, or can be released to give you loads more room. The seams are heat sealed which adds to its durability and comes complete with a soft padded shoulder strap. 60cm (Length) x 50cm (Width) x 33cm (Height) (40cm Height Unrolled).
LARGE= £65


TO order use the drop down menu above, or e-mail Christian now:

or phone: 07876-558850

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Laura Howarth wins by stoppage at UCMMA Contenders!

Having trained hard for the last twelve weeks, MMA fighter Laura Howarth of ZT Fight Skool defeated Melanie Burroughs of Ultimate Combat Academy at the first UCMMA Contenders show in Brighton.

The last twelve weeks have been gruelling with a comprehensive MMA Strength & Conditioning programme, running alongside Laura’s boxing, muay thai, wrestling and BJJ training at ZT Fight Skool. On some days Laura had to train three times, with the first session at 7am.

On fight day, Laura made weight with ease at 63kg at the morning weigh-in.

The rest of the day she looked relaxed as she hung out with the rest of the ZT Fight team.

During her cardio warm up with me, you could see how focused Laura was…this girl wanted to win! Her power and cardio was evident during her Pad warm up with Kenny “Kenshiro” Moyston.


Followed by her team, Laura walked out confidently to face her opponant. Within seconds the two girls where locked in the mother of all wars, with plenty of kicks and punches thrown. It was a ferocious text book kick to the mid-section of Burroughs after a fake jab that ended the action, with Burrough crumpling to the floor doubled over in pain. The ref called the stoppage in the first round.

From a Strength & Conditioning coach’s perspective I was really happy with Laura’s performance who’s strength and power was evident in the cage. She owned a confidence which is only earned by fighters who have enough gas in the tank to keep going if need be, back up by fighting skills honed at the best fight skool in the south-  ZT Fight Skool: the Home of MMA!

We will continue to publish Laura’s training Vlogs for Cage Queen, which show her training leading up to the show.

Here’s her latest video:

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Laura Howarth: ready for battle this weekend at UCMMA Contenders!

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ZT Fighters are ready for War!

Having completed their last Strength & Conditioning session before their bouts in Brighton this weekend, ZT Fighters: Laura Howarth and Aftab Miah showed superb fitness and conditioning which has peaked at an all time high! These guys are Built for Conflict!

Aftab Miah has been training with me for over a year and always shows great determination and commitment in training. Despite a recent change to his opponant, he is well prepared for his bout and very hungry for a win at UCMMA Contenders in Brighton, Sunday 6th November.

Laura Howarth who faces Melanie Burroughs has been mega- focused in her gruelling twelve- week training programme with me. Laura’s training has even been featured in a series of ongoing Vlogs for Cage Queen which can be seen here:

I predict convincing wins from both fighters, who are truly ready for combat!

Be sure to subscribe to this blog to see how they get on, and follow me on twitter for up to the minute results!

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Training the big man for UFC 138….

With the pullouts from Thompson and Hathaway we still want to share with you the full version of WHOA! TV’s The Finest Hour.

Think of this as the Directors cut!


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Oli Thompson, UFC 138: injury update.

From mmaweekly:

Oli Thompson is the latest casualty to the UFC 138 fight card that is scheduled for Nov. 5 in Birmingham, England; and he isn’t happy about it at all.

“I just got out of assessment and it’s confirmed, I have a partial tear of the muscle under the bicep, the brachialis,” the former UK’s Strongest Man told, adding that the injury couldn’t have come at a worst time for him.

“I have just gone through nine weeks of hard training, I am in great shape, so it’s especially hard to have to pull out of the bout, especially as it was meant to be my (UFC) debut, too.”

Coming into this fight, Thompson had stepped his training up a gear, mixing it up with the Wolfslair and focusing on the key elements he needed to counter such a solid grappler as Phil De Fries. Things had been going well, his strategy for the fight was in place and everything was on track, but a loud popping noise brought the party to a halt.

“I was turning my body while escaping from the bottom, and my arm got left behind. I heard a loud pop and then my arm didn’t feel right. I had no power in it and knew something serious had happened.”

No stranger to tearing muscles, Thompson knew what he had to do to get the injury inspected before working out what his options were. Strongmen competitors have always put their bodies on the line and pushed the limits of their muscular resistance, in MMA the injuries can be similar, but thankfully, this time Thompson didn’t suffer a full detachment of the muscle.

“I have had a full bicep tear before and it’s certainly no fun. I am officially on the sick list to rehab it for about five weeks, have some ultrasounds, and a clean diet to make it all heal up, then hopefully get a re-scheduled fight on (one of the) cards.

“I am gutted that the fight is off, I had all my bases covered and it would have been an honor to fight someone as talented as him on the ground,” a dejected Thompson said of De Fries. “Hopefully we can cross paths in the future.”



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Oli Thompson injury forces him out of UFC 138 debut.

Thompson out, Broughton in – UFC 138

The Fight Lounge reported how an injury has forced Oli Thompson to withdraw from his UFC debut against fellow newcomer Phil De Fries. Britain’s former strongest man is now replaced by Rob Broughton.

Rob Broughton replaces Oli Thompson at UFC 138.

The news was announced by the UFC themselves last night.

No details have yet been released regarding the extent of Oli Thompson’s injury, who had been training very hard for the fight.

I’m getting a lot of enquiries regarding the injury, so we’d like to clarify the situation.

The injury

Oli has torn his bicep during wrestling training, an injury which will take weeks to heal, but Oli is no stranger to these kind of injuries after years of strongman training. He has the mental and physical fortitude to bounce back from this injury, and come back better than before.

Oli Thompson will miss UFC 138.

He is in good spirits and is keen to keep his fitness at its current high level in case a fight comes up soon.

Oli was even kind enough to say the following on Facebook:

“I will be fit again really soon, and hungrier than ever! Glad phil de fries has a fight still would have been a shame if he missed out”.

Watch this space for up to date news on Oli’s status, and fight news! Remember you can subscribe to the CRT newsletter here:


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Want to become an MMA Strength & Conditioning coach?

I often get asked how I got in to the MMA Strength & Conditioning (S&C) game, and my answer is simple: JC Santana.

My first step was to get certified by the best in the game, earning the title of MMA Certified Strength and Conditioning Certification (MMA CSCC) under JC.

Who is JC?

Juan Carlos Santana is a fitness maverick, founder of the Institute of Human Performance (IHP) , dynamic speaker, sought-after consultant, prolific author. . . for over 30 years JC  has been raising the bar in the fitness industry.

What is the Institute of Human Performance?

Founded in 2000, IHP provides an unparalleled training environment for elite athletes including World Class Tennis Champions, NFL and MLB players, World Champion Brazilian Jujitsu and mixed Martial Arts Fighters, numerous NCAA Division I teams, and hundreds of nationally ranked teen hopefuls from a broad cross-section of sports disciplines.

JC Santana brings his Certifications to the “UK”

Learn many of the top MMA training secrets used by JC Santana when preparing his fighters for some of the biggest fighting events in the world. The MMA CSCC certifications concentrate on breaking many philosophical traditions, explore the concept of functional strength training as it applies to combat, delineate the biomechanical considerations involved in exercise design and selection, discuss the fundamentals of nutrition and weight cutting, and implement IHP’s Hybrid Training System into combat training systems.

The knowledge and experience I  gained from this certification left me inspired and motivated to take my career to the next level, going on to launch Combat Ready Training.

Now you too can certify with the best, as JC brings his certification to the UK this November 12/13 at Urban Kings, London!

To enrol, simply go to:

Don’t hesitate, this will be the best investment you ever made in your career!

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New MMA clothing brand out now!

In a market which is saturated with similar designs and logos, Immaculate fight wear seeks to stand out from the MMA Apparel crowd, with original designs and quality materials.

My good friend and BJJ coach, Miad Najafi decided to launch this original clothing line in response to the clone-like brands out there at the moment.

Immaculate: Art- Fight- Wear will feature clean logos and art which don’t scream out: “I’m a fighter”, and can be worn at the gym or the high street.

Their designs are awesome and I’ll proudly be wearing mine!

The clothing line launches in 21 days time.

Register here and you’ll receive 15% off your first order!

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