Build explosive Power for any sport!

Jordan Fitness kindly sent us one of their Plyometric Platforms to test drive and we were impressed!

Not only does it look the bomb, its very well built and solid as a rock! This thing can take a beating!

Complex training…

At CRT we use complex training to create warriors with supreme power. This involves pairing a heavy strength move, with a similar unloaded explosive movement. You just need to ensure you rest around a minute in between exercises.

For example:

– Heavy kettlebell squats X 5

– Rest 30 seconds

– 5 Box jumps

The steps towards Power.

Step 1: 2 X 28kg Kettlebell Squats (5 reps)

Step 2: Rest 30 seconds

Step 3: Plyometric Box Jumps (5 reps)

Repeat a further two sets, for a total of three sets.

This can be replicated for an bodypart, for example Chest, where you would use heavy bench press, followed by Plyometric Press Ups (with claps).

The above workout was completed at Cheetahs Gym in Hove, the home of Oli Thompson’s training camps during his UFC and KSW contracts.

He is now training for KSW 22, which takes place in Warsaw, Poland on the 16th March 2012.

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