CRT trained fighters show superior cardio and strength in competitions!

Wow! What a weekend I’ve just had, with no less than four fighters competing at two events!

Friday night saw the South Coast Fighting Championship (SFC) in Eastbourne, with ZT Fighters Johnny Cromwell and Glen Mclellan competing.


Johnny Cromwell came out victorious in his K1 fight against Josh Lappin from Coloseum Gym. Johnny showed great power landing some good knees to the face of his opponant, whilst his cardio carried him right to the final bell in fine style.

Christian and Johnny celbrate post-fight.


The headlining fight saw ZT’s Glen McLellan fight for the Heavyweight title belt.

Kenny warms up Glen.

This last fight between 1st gens own Danny Smith and Zts Glen Mclennan was ferocious. The first round showed Glen being more technical, but both fighters landed some powerful shots. It was in the second round where Danny caught Glen with a powerful body shot which won the fight.

Big shout out to both fighters, and to their coach Kenny Moyston.

Christian, Johnny and Coach Kenny Moyston (Kenshiro Muay Thai)

Another big shout out to SFC organisers “Punch Doctor” Paul and Tolly Plested for putting on a great show, and to guest referee Oli Thompson for keeping things safe and fair throughout the night.


Sunday night- KAYO-MMA 6 RUSH Live at Watford Colloseum

New Wave Academy fighters, Laura Clarke and Fred Carvalho have been making the trek from London to train with me in preparation for their last two bouts.

Both fighters have trained hard and show great heart in their gruelling Strength & Conditioning sessions in Brighton.

Fred killing his final stage of endurance training.


Fred’s fight was a standup war. His opponant was relentless and kept coming forward. However, Fred’s superior boxing skills and footwork allowed him to defeat his opponant. Fred looked relaxed and composed throughout the fight.


Laura Clarke unfortunately lost to Eastbourne fighter Rachel McMillan.

Here is a write up from Cage Queen:

First up was a semi-professional 60kg catchweight bout between an undefeated (1-0) Laura Clarke of New Wave Academy in South London and Rachel McMillian also undefeated (3-0) of First Generation in Eastbourne. Clarke was totally in the moment, grinning ear to ear as she entered the cage. I could tell as I was announcing her that she was enjoying every minute of this fight. I love it when fighters get into their intros, and Laura was definitely into it! Rachel on the other hand came out very focused, and as she entered the cage I could tell by the look on her face that she only had one thing on her mind! Both of these women had heavy hitters in their corners with UFC vet Nick Osipczak behind Clarke, and undefeated rising star Tolly Plested coaching McMillian.

It was clear from the opening bell that these girls came to fight! Mcmillian was on the attack, immediately going for the take down. Clarke defended well but eventually, found herself on her back. McMillian shoed great top control keeping her opponent against the fence until final Clarke manage to get back to her feet. Clarke definitely wanted to keep this fight standing while McMillian was happy to take it to the floor. Rachel took Clarke down again about mid-way through the first round and this time as Clarke was on her way up, she got caught with an unintentional illegal knee which cost McMillian 1 point. Once the ref restarted the action, it was just a matter of seconds until Clarke found herself on her back once again and this time, McMillian got the mount and was able to finish the fight with a big ground and pound attack. Referee Andy Sledge called a stop to the action at 3:29 in the first round declaring Rachel McMillian the winner by TKO taking her record to 4-0.

Laura training with CRT!

Its’s been a pleasure traning both these amiable fighters..I look forward to working with them in the future in preparation for their future bouts!

Colin, Laura, and Fred with Christian @ZT Fight Skool.

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