Don’t neglect your Strength training!


At the last UFC 130, Heavyweight Roy Nelson was dominated by a far stronger and fitter Frank Mir.
Roy Nelson said: “I gotta get bigger, stronger and faster”…showing he may have neglected these important aspects of his game.

There is nothing worse than coming up against an opponant who is stronger than you. It feels like you’re fighting against someone of a higher weight category!
As my good friend and mentor JC Santana says:
“Strength can overcome skill”
In my experience fighters focus too much on cardiovascular endurance in fear of putting on unwanted muscle.
At Combat Ready Training, each athlete is put through at least four-weeks of Strength training. 
ZT Fighters Aftab Miah and Ryan Roe-Barnett deadlifting for superior pulling strength.
Read how we do this in our next blog post next week.
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