MMA Apparel official sponsors of CRT: Oli Thompson training camp!

We are proud to announce MMA Apparel are sponsoring Combat Ready Training for Oli Thompson’s training camp for his UFC debut!

The Heavyweight fighter was forced to withdraw from his scheduled fight at UFC 138 in November 2011 due to an arm injury during wrestling training. He is now in full health and on the “ready to fight” list for the UFC.

Oli Thompson sporting the JACO Hybrid Rash vest during his preparation with CRT.

We’re aiming for Oli to be ready to fight in the first quarter of the coming year, so watch this space!

We will be using the infamous Training Mask in this training camp courtesy of MMA Apparel.

Top UFC fighters such as Sean Sherk, Rashad Evans and Wanderlei Silva have used this “next generation” training tool, which will push Oli’s fitness to the next level!

Elevation Training Mask mimics the effect of High Altitude Training. When top athletes want to improve in their performance, they go to high altitude levels to train, and when they come back to sea level to race, they are performing much stronger, faster, and have more endurance due to the type of training they have been doing prior to the event.

With reduced oxygen consumption the human body changes in several ways. The production of red blood cells and new capillaries (small blood vessels) increase the transfer of oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. An important natural hormone involved in this process is EPO (erythropoietin).

Look out for videos of Oli training with the training mask- coming soon!

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We are now stocking the Elevation Mask at just £78.

If anyone would like to order one, contact me here:

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