Oli Thompson and Combat Ready Training on Warrior Creed.


Taken from www.warriorcreed.com

Recently on Warrior Creed, we have introduced an advertising scheme to help promote ourselves and to help others with their promotion needs. We advertised our new scheme through our various social networks and we have been inundated with a lot of responses.
One that definitely caught our eye was an email from Christian Vila at Combat Ready Training & ZT Fight School. This one particularly grabbed our attention because Combat Ready Training is where current UCMMA Heavyweight Champion, Oli Thompson trains at.

Christian is Oli’s Strength & Conditioning coach and an expert in personal fitness. After his win at the last UCMMA event, you can definitely tell that Thompson was at his physically (and mentally) best.

We welcome this new advertising agreement with Christian & Combat Ready Training and hope to see them very soon.
Don’t forget you can see Oli Thompson defend his UCMMA Heavyweight Title at the next MMA event after May.Take a look at Combat Ready Training’s Blog, for great tips, updates and videos.
Big thanks to Warrior Creed for their shout out….be sure to check them out!


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