Oli Thompson- Ready for War at UCMMA!


Now in his final week of training, Oli Thompson has peaked just right for his bout this weekend. He faces Big Ben Smith for the UCMMA Heavyweight title and looks better than ever. Boasting the cardio abilities most Middleweights would be envious of, Oli has been chewing up the Cardio-phase of his training with relentless fashion.

Working closely with Christian Vila from Combat Ready Training for the last 12 weeks, this has been the most perfect training camp to date, allowing them to focus on each individual aspect of Oli’s training, working through increasing unreal Strength and astonishing Power. 
CRT can report Oli is injury-free and fitter than he has ever been. His opponant faces an athlete unlike he has ever faced before.
Despite his large frame (115kg/ 253lbs), Oli is able to complete 6-minute long cardio circuits over and over;  each one looking as fresh as his first. In sparring, Oli has been excelling in the “Shark Tank” where he takes on a fresh sparring partner several times in a 5-minute round.
The training has been merciless, taken to levels where most people would pull out, but Oli’s physical and mental resilience enables him to continue and even ask for more!

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