Team Thompson have a blast at UFC, Sydney!


It’s almost one week on, and it seems like yesterday we where walking out in front of 14 thousand people at the sold out Allphones Arena in Sydney, Australia. This was for Oli’s debut UFC fight against Shawn Jordan from the USA.


As you probably know, Oli was defeated by TKO in the second round after an amazing performance in the octagon. In the first round Oli almost won the fight with a submission, which Jordan managed to slip out of! Both fighters showed great heart and put an amazing show for the packed out arena which was on its feet for most of the fight.

The Kimura which almost won Oli the fight.

Cutman “Stitch” works on Oli’s face.

Despite the loss, Team Thompson (Chistian Vila, Anthony Brown and Oli Thompson) came back with high spirits due to the amazing experiences they had in the days leading up to the fight.

We made some great friends in Penrith who truly looked after us whilst we where there, most notably Tama Tehuna and his family (brother of fellow UFC fighter, Jamie Tehuna), who set up some great sparring for Oli leading up to the fight.

With the fight team at Contender Gym.

Oli works with boxing coach Anthony Brown.

The UFC ran the whole event very smoothly. From the hotel, to the live weigh-ins, from the medicals to the press conference. Everything ran like clockwork and had quality and class within. You can see why Dana White and the UFC are the best in the world at what they do!

Live Weigh-ins.

Live Weigh-ins.


The weather was not kind to us, but we managed to train every day in the week leading up to the fight. From my perspective Oli’s conditioning was spot on. I could not have asked anything more from him. His fitness could never be questioned- he was not even out of breath at the end of the first round.

Boys have some fun in the gym!

Wrestling at the Full Combat Centre with Shane Nix.

With Thiago Alves’ Strength & Conditioning coach- Mike Dolce.

With BJJ Black Belt, Richard Sargeant.

With cutman “Stitch”….awesome dude!

Oli with Cain Velasquez at the Weigh-ins.

The icing on the cake was at the airport on the way home, when UFC President came over to us to congratulate Oli on his great performance. Dana is a big lover of fighters who put their heart in to fights and even tweeted live during the fight:

Oli with UFC President, Dana White.

Pending a 35 day suspension, Team Thompson will resume training soon and await news on the next fight for Oli. Oli is keen to get training as soon as possible.

We say “Bring it On”!

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