This is how we crush the opposition!

Witness one of Combat Ready Training’s top secret weapons for developing bone- crushing grips!

Just imagine your head or body being squeezed by these arms during a bout!

Taught to me by my good friend JC Santana of the IHP, Florida- this awesome exercise will have the opposition screaming!

“What if a fighter possessed enough gripping strength put on a squeeze that is strong enough to crack a rib, or separate it from its cartilage. How about a face crank strong enough to break skin around the orbital socket? What if enough strength could be developed to break the tibia during a leg lock. Or, even having the ability to hold on to a choke (e.g. rear naked or guillotine) for 2 minutes and slowly choke out an opponent that would otherwise hold off a 30 second choke attempt? The results would be devastating and that is exactly what we are training for. 

You need several things to be able to crush bones with your grip.  First, you need to think of this as a viable weapon -most fighters think control, not ending the fight with grips.  Second, you need to develop the specific technique (i.e. the right angles, speed of force, and consistency of pressure).  Third, you need the specific strength.  Finally, you need the specific endurance”.

JC Santana, 2012

Here’s how to perform the exercise:

GripDominator Power Sling ISO hold (Shown above)

Using the JC’s Power Sling, put your left hand through the Power Sling and lock a Gable lock with your right hand.  Perform and pull-up and bring your right forearm to you ribs while keeping the elbows in and tight. Bring your legs up into a tucked position. Hold that position for 30-60 seconds.  Use a weighted vest to add enough weight where the time under tension becomes challenging.    Repeat with the left arm.
We did the above photo as part of a Fighter circuit preparing Oli for his upcoming bout at MMC Fight Club this Sunday.

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